Are You Bored With The Bible?

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Are You Bored With The Bible?

3 tips to renew your love of reading the Bible

Every time my husband sees me reading my Bible he jokingly asks, “Haven’t you read that book already?”

I giggle because no matter how many times I’ve read it, I’ve never got bored.

There is something new for me to discover with every page turn.

For example, I just realized that the three forefathers of the Jewish faith (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) all had wives who were barren.

But there are some people who have become bored with the Bible.


  1. Read a version you understand

As a child, my family owned a huge hardcover Bible that required two kids to carry. It was a tome. It was also in a language that I just didn’t understand with lots of thous and thees. I had no desire to read it.

But then I discovered the New International Version and The Message and The New Living Translation. These versions are written in contemporary language that is much easier to understand.

2. Come with an Expectation

God wants to have a relationship with us. One way He speaks to us is through His word. Start reading with an expectation that God is going to say something to you.

Then pray and listen to what He has to say.

3. Act on what you learn

Take His words seriously and put into action what God tells you. Live out what you read. Forgive. Give money away. Say I’m sorry.

With these three simple tips, I pray you will have renewed interest in reading your Bible.


(First featured on Medium platform April 13, 2019)

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