Can I learn to do a biblical SQUAT? by Janis Cox

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Can I learn to do a biblical SQUAT?

by Janis Cox

Kimberley has taught me a few ideas to help with strength training. She said it would make my muscles grow stronger. I told her that SQUAT also helps us to build spiritual muscles through reading the Bible.

Studying Scripture can seem like a daunting task. Even if you are given a Scripture to study you may not know how to get the best out of reading it. I developed two methods to study Scripture and incorporate prayer. One is called SIMPLE, which you can read about on my website. The other is SQUAT, which reminds you to build your spiritual muscle.

Before doing any study of Scripture I always ask God to be my guide, to open my eyes to see new wisdom and understanding from studying His Word. I always have a notebook to record my thoughts, questions and God’s answers.

S – Say the Scripture passage out loud.

It is important to do this because sometimes in our heads we tend to miss certain words or inflections. Saying it out loud brings it to life.

Q – Ask God questions about what you read.

Sometimes I don’t understand something (lots of times I don’t understand). Asking God helps to clarify the meaning. I also use a study Bible or go on the web to help me find out answers. But God usually explains things better. Think of where the passage is in relationship to other passages before and after. Do you know the history of the writer? Do you know the characters in the story?

U – Use the questions you have asked to discover more about yourself.

Read the passage in a different version. Don’t forget to read it out loud. Underline words that have special meaning. Ask yourself why does this seem important?

A – Take time to go to God in prayer and ask Him now to reveal more to you.

Some questions may be open-ended and God may not answer them right away. But learn to watch and be vigilant because He will answer you.

T – Take away – What have I learned today?

Write down all the thoughts that come to you. Some may seem silly but right them down anyway. Once again thank God for revealing Himself through Scripture.

Start SQUATing to build your spiritual muscles today.


Lord, thank You for Your Word. Thank You for explaining it to me through the Holy Spirit. Help me to learn more as I study, pray, and ask questions. In Jesus’ Name. AMEN.

Next time I will show you how I use SQUAT by working through a passage. I will use Jeremiah 31:33, 34. Until then try SQUAT and see how God speaks you- it may be different or the same thoughts I receive.


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Janis Cox

Janis Cox – Author and Illustrator

Janis Cox is a wife, mother, grandmother, a sister and friend. She has been married for almost 41 years to a wonderful, caring and patient husband – they have three grown children who are married; they have 5 grandchildren and a new one on the way.

She is a writer, watercolour artist and person who always is involved in doing something. She has her fingers in many pies – but all of them are delicious. A friend once told her that she saw a vision of her – with a whole bunch of coloured balloons and she tried to capture each one of them.

As a former public school teacher she loved to write poems for her kids. With this background she has now published her first illustrated children’s book, Tadeo Turtle.

She is a member of The Word Guild and Inscribe. You can find her at her website

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