Does Low Intensity Exercise Promote Weight Loss?

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Low intensity exercise promotes weight loss

You may be surprised to learn that although I’m a health and fitness enthusiast I actually hate to run.

Walking I love, but running is torture.

I remember working with a client who enjoyed running and had a personal goal to complete a 5K race. She wanted me to join her. Being the good personal trainer I was I ran beside her in the race hating every last second of it.

I never experienced that “runner’s high” many runners claim exists. Personally I would much rather walk 10 kilometres than run 5.

And truth be told, that’s okay. Low intensity exercise (such as walking) will help promote weight loss just like any high intensity workout. (tweet this)

The only difference is the amount of time involved.

The most important factor for losing body fat is the total calories burned, regardless of the rate at which they are burned.

I do have to walk further than I’d have to run but I’m okay with that.

The added benefit for me is that I don’t tire as quickly and I’m not prone to the same injuries (especially knee problems) that high-intensity exercises may cause.

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