Is Any Exercise Better Than None?

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Any exercise is better than none


When I worked as a personal trainer, the number one complaint from my clients was that they didn’t have time to exercise.

Truthfully, who has time? We’re all very busy with work, family, volunteer commitments, household chores, etc.

Adding 3 hours to spend at the gym just doesn’t realistically fit into our schedules.

The good news? It doesn’t have to.

Any exercise is better than none. (tweet this)

Taking three 10-minute walks each day will do the job to improve health. Many workplaces allow for a morning and afternoon break plus time for lunch. This is perfect for taking 10 of the 15 minutes to march on the spot behind closed doors, or walk up and down the stairwell, or take a brisk walk outside.

Exercise means active living. It all adds up.

The goal is to take advantage of the small opportunities throughout the day to move your body.

Speaking of which, I’m due to take a break right now. I think I’ll go crank the music and dance around my home office for ten minutes.

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