Is Strength Training Important for Weight Loss?

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Is Strength Training Important for Weight Loss?

I remember working as a personal trainer and I had a client who wanted to lose 50 pounds. He had a healthy diet but because of a sedentary job he never exercised. He wanted me to set him up on an aggressive cardiovascular plan to reach his goal weight.

When I suggested that he include strength training he balked and said that he didn’t want to start lifting weights until he was within 25 pounds of his ideal weight.

Being the professional I was I set him up on a cardiovascular plan that included weight lifting right from the get go.

I explained how strength training is the cornerstone of weight management. (tweet this)

By lifting weights he would build muscle. This extra muscle in turn boosts metabolism. This boosted metabolism helps to burn more calories even when he was at rest. Studies have proven that a strength training workout can burn calories for up to 12-48 hours after your training session.  And ultimately he would lose fat and keep it off.

Strength training also protects joints and ligaments, increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis, improves balance and coordination, improves posture and boosts stamina.

I’m happy to report that he followed my advice and reached his weight loss goal.

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