Routine is Queen

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routine is queen

Routine is Queen

My habit for over 30 years was to start my day with a bowl of cereal. When my friend explained to me my need to reduce high glycemic foods from my diet (like cereals and breads) I was at a loss for what to eat instead. My routine was ingrained deep within me.

But I was convinced to try a change for 2 weeks and so I traded my bowl of Mini-Wheats for apple slices smeared with almond butter. After 2 weeks, I was committed to this new morning routine.

My lunches used to consist of a sandwich with luncheon meat. Now I create a smoothie loaded with fruit and leafy greens, including kale and Brussel sprouts.

Once I get into a routine, I am a creature of habit and will continue doing the same thing over and over again.

Routine is queen. So this new year, I plan to replace all my negative and bad habits with healthier choices. Once I identify the bad habit  I can substitute a good habit in its place and make it my new routine.

This new year, I plan to replace all my negative and bad habits with healthier choices. (tweet this)

For example, I’ve already taken my habit of eating a bowl of ice cream every evening after supper and replaced it with a bowl of Greek yogurt. I was favouring a nap on the couch after work every day, but have since replaced that with a quick walk around the neighbourhood instead.

It’s easy to choose healthy options when they are part of your regular routine. It’s just a matter of identifying the bad habits and switching them out with good ones, then doing them every day until they become the new routine.

What plans have you made to replace your bad habits with healthier choices?


BEEP – Believing that exercise is to the body what prayer is to the spirit and healthy eating is to the body what bible study is to the spirit.

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