Why are Half-Truths so Bad?

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photo courtesy of pixaby

photo courtesy of pixaby

When Half-Truths Hold Us Back by Stephanie Nickel

Lists . . . I love them. Call them to do lists, action plans, game plans; it doesn’t much matter. And when it comes to determining my goals and resolutions . . . well, I’m all over that.

You see, my writer self sees list-making as a wonderful opportunity, one I approach with intense optimism. Now, if only that optimism would last as I sought to carry through on my commitments! But the half-truths that flit through my mind present one stumbling block after another. They are made up of a truth and a lie that I must recognize and reject.

Below I will share two of the half-truths I’ve allowed to hold me back and what I can do to overcome them. Hopefully, this will help you recognize what’s holding you back as well—and encourage you to turn a deaf ear to the falsehoods.

1. Since I don’t want other women to get the impression I would value them more highly if they weighed less, am I not being hypocritical trying to lose x number of pounds or fit into a smaller size clothes?

First, the truth . . . Our value is NOT inversely proportional to our weight.

But—and here’s where the lie takes hold—even if weight loss is not the most important reason to exercise and eat nutritious foods, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t develop a healthy lifestyle. There are countless reasons to do so, which include thinking clearly, working efficiently, gaining energy, sleeping more soundly, and setting a good example for others.

I am determined to develop more healthy habits and leave the purification of my motives with the Lord. After all, I can go to Him about any- and everything.
And speaking of spiritual health, here is a half-truth that has weighed me down far too long:

2. Since I don’t have time / am not willing to make the time to spend hours reading God’s Word and praying, what good does a few minutes here and there do?

Just like the half-truth about my physical health, this half-truth about my spiritual health sounds ridiculous when you actually read it. But that doesn’t mean these thoughts don’t go through my mind—often.

So, what’s true in this statement?

Of course, it’s a phenomenal idea to spend hours seeking the Lord each day. He will be honoured. Others will be blessed. And so will we. In fact, the more time we can set aside to study the Scriptures and seek His face in prayer, the better.

But does this mean if we can’t or won’t do so, there is no benefit in reading even a few verses and offering a brief prayer to Him?

Absolutely not!

Meditating on even one verse throughout the day can change our perspective.

And asking the Lord to be glorified through our every endeavour can make a bigger difference than we can imagine.

I have planned to start my day with prayer and Bible study for years—and for a time, I did so. However, too often, I listened to the companion lie: Don’t worry about starting your day this way; you can always do it later. While some people set aside time every evening to seek the Lord, if I don’t do it first thing, it rarely happens.

I now start my day with a prayer walk, spiritually and physically beneficial (bonus), and by doing a devotional from The Devotional Bible: Experiencing the Heart of Jesus. Max Lucado, one of my favourite authors, is the general editor of this study Bible.

These disciplines are brand new and I would ask for your prayer support as I seek to make them a non-negotiable part of my Monday-Friday routine.

There are many other half-truths I could explore, but I hope you get the idea. Hold on firmly to the truth and reject the lie in every half-truth that threatens to lead you off course.


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Steph Beth Nickel is an author, a freelance editor and writer, a labour doula, and a former personal trainer. She’d love to connect with you on Facebook or Twitter, on her website or blog.

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