9 Benefits of Exercise and Eating Well

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More and More-script

Do You Want Even More? by Stephanie Nickel

Today’s post is for those of you who are doing okay.

You have no particular health concerns. You aren’t extremely overweight. Your family health history doesn’t set off any alarms. You eat fairly well; at least it could be a lot worse. You make it through the day—maybe not with a whole lot of energy left over, but you make it. You may even have enough reserves to do something extra in the evening or on the weekend. You sleep fairly well. Life is good.

But do you want even more?

I know. It sounds selfish. But let’s be completely honest for a few minutes.

Do you—do I—want more energy? To think more clearly? To work more efficiently? To have a more positive attitude?

Do you want to minimize the negative effects of aging—at least to the best of your ability? Feel comfortable in your clothing? Not think about camouflaging a particular area of your body?

Do you want to avoid falling into the trap of eating unhealthy “comfort food”? Develop a taste for food that is actually good for you? Make healthy food choices because it has become second nature?

Do you want to find your “happy place”? Become content with who you are because you’re doing the best you can, not because you measure up to some externally-imposed ideal? Discover a high that has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol?

Can we become too wrapped up in ourselves? Too self-centred? Too preoccupied with our appearance? Absolutely and it’s something we must guard against.

However, these are only a few of the advantages of getting sufficient physical activity and eating well. While life is full of uncertainty and we don’t know what tomorrow will hold, we must take responsibility to do what we can to have even more.

~ even more energy to enjoy time with our children and possibly, our grandchildren


~ even more physical and emotional resources to come alongside family and friends during difficult times


~ even more gumption to accomplish tasks at work and at home


~ even more mental abilities to keep learning new things


~ even more efficiency so we can take on new opportunities that come our way


~ even more determination to keep doing what we should—even when we don’t feel like it


~ even more clarity of focus when things would bombard and distract us from all sides


~ even more restful sleep—or, at least, the wherewithal to face the day if our sleep is broken

And, most importantly . . .

~ even more physical, emotional, and mental resources to do what God calls us to

If you truly want even more, it’s time to start moving and eating well. Not because you feel guilted into it. Not because you’re trying to measure up to some impossible standard. Not because you will somehow have more value if you do. But because when we are the best we can be, we will have even more to offer those whose lives intersect our own.


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Stephanie Nickel


Steph Beth Nickel is an author, a freelance editor and writer, a labour doula, and a former personal trainer. She’d love to connect with you on Facebook or Twitter, on her website or blog.


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