Women’s Health and Supplements: Myths and Facts

Women’s Health and Supplements: Myths and Facts by Caitlin Evans While our bodies are well-oiled machines they can’t produce all the nutrients we need to function properly. Most nutritionists agree that whole foods are the best sources of essential nutrients … Continue reading

Don’t Make Resolutions

Don’t Make Resolutions by Steph Beth Nickel Instead of making an extensive list of resolutions we may very well discard before the end of January, let’s make a game plan for the year ahead. First, let’s set a long-term goal, … Continue reading

12 Healthy Habits to Incorporate This Autumn

How Not to Fall this Autumn by Steph Beth Nickel When you’ve finished groaning over the title, let’s discuss 12 healthy habits to incorporate this autumn. 1. Walk outside while you can. (While some people love outdoor winter activities—Kimberley, for … Continue reading

Day 9 of the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway

DAY 9 – The Gift 7 Healthy Recipes for Dinner! Delicious dinner recipes that make it easier to eat nutritious meals all week long. The Gift-Giver Liz Faison trains only women, and specializes in utilizing proper nutrition and strength training to help women not only … Continue reading