30-Day Fitness Health Challenge: Final Check-in

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30-days in Summary

Overall, I lost 5 pounds. This averages out to about one pound a week, which is a very healthy approach to weight loss. Although I won’t be recording my health journey, I will be continuing in the 4 disciplines of Bible study, Eating Healthy, Exercise, and Prayer to achieve my weight loss goal.

My BEEP Plan

B – Bible Study: I plan to continue with book-ending my days with Bible study. I plan to start in the mornings with reading from the Life Application Study Bible, and end in the evenings with reading through the Bible in a Year.

E – Eating Healthy: I’ve given up sugar and God is helping me with temptations as they come up. I plan to continue to choose healthy options like honey and maple syrup instead of sugar and to limit (if not totally eliminate) grains. I don’t feel deprived especially at this time of year with the abundance of fruits and vegetables that are available fresh daily.

E – Exercise: I’m loving the training for the upcoming Mudmoiselle race. I believe that having an explicit goal helps in motivating me to exercise. I plan to continue with strength training three times a week, and specific training on the other four days that include hill walking, and biking.

P – Prayer: God is my Father and my forever Friend. I plan to continue to go to Him with my praises, my confessions, my thanksgiving, and my requests.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Let’s continue together.


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