5 Ways to Handle Temptations to Overeat

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5 Ways to Handle Temptations to Overeat by Stephanie Nickel

Did Someone Say Cheesecake? 

I’m coming close to the end of the July fitness challenge. It has been great. I’m walking more, doing more resistance training (with heavier weights to boot), drinking more water, and eating more fruits and veggies. Plus, I’m eating much more mindfully. I haven’t felt deprived. In fact, I’ve felt great mentally and physically—for the most part, at least.

And yet, there are still times I want cheese twists, garlic bread, pizza, and cheesecake.

So, how should you (and I) face temptation? Here are some options.

1. Eat the entire row of cookies because you broke down and ate one cookie.

I seriously don’t recommend this, but too often this is how the human brain works.

2. Set aside one day a week to eat whatever you want.

No counting calories, carbs, or anything else. And no guilt. Eating well six days out of seven is exceptional.

3. Keep healthy alternatives on hand.

Fruit satisfies the need for something sweet and/or something crunchy. (tweet this)

Raw nuts are crunchy and you must eat them slowly and carefully so you’re less inclined to overindulge.

If you want to drink something besides water (and most of us do from time to time), try this.

Thoroughly blend yogurt, frozen fruit, unsweetened fruit juice, and a scoop of plain whey protein powder. It makes a great snack/meal. It tastes so much like a milkshake it’s hard to believe it’s not bad for you.

And if you really have a hankering for a chocolate bar, check out the healthier options. Some protein bars are very tasty. Be sure to read the package to make sure you’re choosing wisely.

4. Meet a friend for lunch.

It is best if this friend is also seeking to develop healthy habits. That way you can talk and laugh together over a nutritious meal. Though distance prohibits us from getting together in person, I have been reminded throughout this challenge that the fellowship of other Christians who are seeking to get fit is indispensable.

5. Pray about it.

This is in no way meant to sound trite. As believers, we know that God cares about all aspects of our lives. He can—and will—help us develop the self-discipline required to eat well and exercise. Sometimes the root cause of our poor habits is not what we think. If He reveals an area that needs attention—and perhaps, healing—seek the counsel of a trusted fellow believer.

And if you blow it big time, remember, Lord willing, tomorrow is a brand new day!


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Steph Beth Nickel is an author, a freelance editor and writer, a labour doula, and a former personal trainer. She’d love to connect with you on Facebook or Twitter, on her website or blog.

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